A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty

A deep and abiding love of Oriental Beauty


  • DaYuLing oolong tea is one of the rarest and most sought after teas.  Grown at elevations higher than 2,000 meters above sea level, DaYuLing tea is exceptionally aromatic and sweet.  Our offering is no exception. We’ve found that the aftertaste lingers as long as two minutes, and that each batch of leaves holds flavor up to six steeps.

    DaYuLing Spring 2020 was crafted as a low oxidization oolong.  There are exceptions to every rule of course, but this indicates that our teamaster had enough faith in the quality and complexity of raw leaf to let it be for the most part. DaYuLing 2020 has a heavy body from start to finish.  The middle notes have a hint of orange blossom floral notes.  The finish leaves a slight tingling in the mouth, something akin to mintiness but without the dry, herbal aftertaste of real mint.

    Every order of DaYuLing is triple checked for quality and consistency, and ships in a quick-seal canister to maximize shelf life.  This is because our DaYuLing is simply our finest green oolong offered, and the pride of our company. We love this tea and are confident that you will too!

    Steeping Instructions:

    Prepare 3 grams of tea leaf (slightly less than a teaspoon) per 100ml of water(about half a cup).

    For the first two steeps, 90°c water for no longer than 60 seconds will provide plenty of flavor.  From the third steep onward it is fine to add up to thirty additional seconds per steep. This should provide between four and six re-steeps depending on the quality of the tea.  For larger vessels (teapots of over 500ml) re-steep potential is usually lower.

  • The Nonpareil Taiwan DaYuLing High Mountain Cha Wang Oolong Tea is grown in Dayuling tea area at the altitude above 2500 meters, in which the climate is cold and forests grow well. This cold and moisture condition is suitable for tea trees’ growth.

Thoughts on first saying hello to this tea for the first time:

tightly rolled


fresh and crisp

unfurls beautifully

taste low acidity, floral high, light and brisk, energizing for sure!

sample size 5 grams, heated water to 190f

normal sized gaiwan, used. full of flavor at second steep.

steep time, minimal, under 30 seconds.